Elba with your dog: on vacation with your 4-legged friend


Vacation also means being in the company of those we love: friends, partner children and even our dog, who has become in all respects a member of the family. According to many tourists and the many reviews that you can find on the internet, the Island of Elba is considered one of the most Pet Friendly tourist destinations in Italy. Going on vacation with your dog on the Island of Elba is an easy choice to take. This because today many accommodation facilities have been equipped to accommodate 4-legged friends. If finding a pet-friendly residence or hotel was rare before, now the opposite has become rare.


The beaches where pets are allowed

On the Island of Elba it is possible to bring the dog to the beach. The law of the Tuscany Region n° 59 of 20/10/2009, in article 19 authorizes access to dogs accompanied on a leash by their owners “to all public areas, including gardens, parks and beaches.” Having said that, however, we must specify that swimming in the sea is allowed only at certain times of the day or from 8 in the morning until 20 in the evening. This rule does not apply to some beaches including Il lago di Terra Nera, the Dog Beach of Mola (both in Porto Azzurro) and the Nisporto beach in Rio Marina, where dogs can splash in the water as often as they wish.


Trekking for our 4-legged friends: the paths to do with your dog

It is scientifically proven that a pet makes us healthier and happier, and anyone who owns a dog knows very well that it didn’t take science to understand it. Some of the most relaxing moments of the day is just when we take our 4-legged friend for a walk. In the city there are special “walking areas”, while on the Island of Elba there are sea view paths full of plants and perfumes that will delight and fascinate your dog. Some paths are a few minutes on foot or by car from our school, among which we find:

  • The Carmignani walk in Porto Azzurro
  • Trekking on the Madonna del Monserrato in Porto Azzurro
  • Towards the Costa dei Gabbiani in Capoliveri

Others are a little further away but it is still worth doing them in the company of your dog:

  • Path of the Volterraio Castle in Rio
  • Health Trail in Portoferraio (departure from Biodola beach)
  • Path of the Madonna del Monte to Marciana

To avoid disturbing wildlife and preventing dangerous encounters (such as wild boars, mouflons and processionaries) it is always advisable to keep dogs on a leash. We know that the magnificent trekking routes that wind through the Park of the Tuscan Archipelago invite you to leave it free but for its safety it’s best to avoid.


At the restaurant…

Most restaurants in Porto Azzurro are fortunate to have open spaces where it is preferable to stay in the summer, even more so if you have a dog with you. At lunch or dinner, dogs in most restaurants in Porto Azzurro are welcome. The advice we give you is to book a secluded table in time, explaining that there will also be a four-legged guest in your company. Often some waiters have the foresight to make you find a bowl full of water next to the table, but in case it is not there, do not hesitate to request it. The dog will, of course, have to be kept on a leash and it would be preferable to let him take four steps before you arrive at the dessert.


Small precautions before leaving: your dog's health and safety are important

To be sure of the dog’s good health, plan a visit to your trusted veterinarian before a holiday on the Island of Elba. The electronic chip is mandatory, but in the event that, for various reasons, the puppy does not have it yet, at least make sure that a tag with your name and telephone number is not missing from its neck. As in the rest of Tuscany, there are sand flies and mosquitoes on the Island of Elba, therefore adequate pesticide coverage with specific medicines is practically a must. Exposure to heat can be dangerous for your dog, therefore make sure that it is always in the shade with wet muzzle and paws. Give the dog a bowl of fresh water and don’t let it drink seawater, which can cause diarrhea and sometimes even sodium poisoning.

As for boarding, with the payment of a small supplement, all shipping companies accept animals on board. Some however impose certain rules therefore, once defined with which ship to ferry, find out which rules you must comply with.


Basic rules for a holiday with your dog

It is polite to have respect for all those guests who dislike animals, especially dogs. It is advisable to always carry the muzzle with you and avoid leaving your 4-legged friend off the leash and close to other people. Hygiene is crucial, dog droppings must be removed immediately.

The necessary aids, such as poop bags, must be carried with you. The kit for collecting droppings is mandatory. Those who do not respect this rule can be punished by law with high fines. We too are dog owners and as such we know very well that they are neither dirty animals nor, least of all, rude animals.

We hope you never need it, but if necessary this is the list of some veterinarians who work on the Island of Elba:

  • Dott. Andrea Osano (Portoferraio) Tel. +39 0565 1791700 Cell. +39 339 4516190
  • Dott. Marco Mugnai (Portoferraio) Tel. +39 3479119627
  • Dott. Michele Barsotti (if necessary he moves throughout the Island) Tel. +39 3476157841
  • Dott. Roberto Perez (Campo nell’Elba) Tel. +39 3472726250 
  • Dott. Paolo Scalabrini (Rio Marina) Tel. +39 3382685098 


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