Would you like to learn Italian by the sea? In Italy it is possible and among the places that offer these services, one of the best is certainly the island of Elba, where our language school is based.

The choice of learning a foreign language brings together many people from every nation; it can be a work necessity, a challenge with oneself or a simple personal interest in the culture of the countries in which that language is spoken and written. An opportunity to study our language can be to choose a school of Italian at the seaside, to be attended daily during your holidays; this makes it possible to combine the study of the new language, adapted to the various levels of personal preparation, with the opportunity to do so enjoying your days of detachment from the routine in charming seaside resorts, with all the benefits that derive from it.

Benefits of the study of the Italian language

Learning Italian by the sea can be successful and useful in many aspects for learning purposes; here are some advantages to consider:

  • the teachers of an Italian language school are all experienced mother tongue teachers available to students for the entire period of the study-holiday to answer questions or clarify concepts; this guarantees them a full immersion in the language and a more accurate and useful study;
  • during the days of good weather (almost always) the lessons are held outdoors and are not just teacher-student frontal lessons but are made engaging and interesting by interactivity, to help assimilate course topics and make them more enjoyable;
  • if you stay in a place where you speak the language that you are studying, you have several opportunities to practice it in everyday life: in shops, in supermarkets, at the restaurant or at the entrance to a museum or an attraction you can test yourself and realize what you have learned or find out what words or notions are to be reviewed;
  • the stay also favors contacts with local people, with local life and allows to establish relationships that test your ability in the conversation in a foreign language and allow to correct errors in pronunciation or use of the appropriate terms according to social contexts

Italian language school ABC ELBA at the seaside

To prefer a school at the seaside to study the Italian language has its pleasant sides in terms of relaxation, fun and discovery of the local wonders. Our Italian language school AbcElba in Porto Azzurro allows you to learn the Italian language in a magnificent place like the island of Elba. Here are some benefits you can enjoy by studying Italian with us:

  • Between one lesson and another, in your free time, being in a seaside resort gives you the opportunity to enjoy beach life; taking advantage of the linguistic study stays at our school AbcElba, , you can visit some of the most enchanting beaches on the island;
  • the most curious and dynamic students can instead enjoy exploring the sea place where the school is based through nature excursions, cultural events that also deepen the knowledge of the history and culture of Italy or sports activities, depending on personal tastes;
  • let’s not forget that, given Italy’s highest reputation in terms of culinary art, studying Italian in a language school at the seaside during the holidays allows you to satisfy your palate in the most tasty and varied way, learn new recipes and deepen the gastronomic history of our country. Our Italian courses also include trips and recreational activities, including pleasant culinary experiences

As you can see,  taking Italian courses in a school located in a seaside resort has its good reasons; it is a preference that combines the effectiveness of the study method with the pleasantness of the stay, creating fertile ground for the success of the goal. Our school AbcElba located in the beautiful island of Elba in Tuscany, is at your disposal to provide you with all the information and support you need. Contact us if you are interested in studying Italian.

For accommodation you can take advantage of the apartments and the comfortable services of our Residence Villa Teresa in Porto Azzurro.