The typical Italian cuisine is among the best in the world. Those who spend their holidays in Italy will delight their palate with local products and typical dishes, which vary from region to region. Although the dishes change from place to place, the way how to order food in Italy does not change. So let’s see how to order at a restaurant in italian and  make you understand by the waiters, expressing yourselves in italian, in a correct  and friendly way.

How to order a dish at an Italian restaurant

There are different phrases for ordering in Italian at restaurants. We show you one of the simplest ones:

  • Potrei avere una pizza Margherita con una Coca Cola, per favore? [Could I have a Pizza Margherita and a Coke, please]
  • Vorrei una pizza Margherita e una Coca Cola, per favore. [I would like a Pizza Margherita and a Coke please]
  • Una pizza Margherita e una Coca Cola, per favore. [A Pizza Margherita and a Coke, please]

How to ask for bread and other condiments in Italian

Sometimes it may happen that you want more bread or additional condiments. Let’s see how to ask the waiter in a friendly way:

  • Posso avere ancora un po’ di pane, per favore? [Can I have some more bread, please?]
  • Mi può portare sale e pepe, per favore? [Can I get salt and pepper please?]
  • Mi può portare dell’olio piccante, per favore? [Could I have some spicy oil, please?]
  • Potrei avere un’altra Coca Cola, per favore? [Could I have another Coke please?]
  • Mi può portare dell’altro vino, per favore? [Could you please bring us more wine?]

To ask for the bill in Italian

At the end of the meal the waiter will ask you if you wish something else. Probably he will ask you in the following ways:

  • Vuole mangiare ancora qualcosa? [Would you like to eat something else?]
  • Vuole ordinare ancora qualcosa? [Do you want to order something else?]
  • Desidera ancora qualcosa? [Do you want anything else?]
  • Vuole un caffè o il dolce? [Would you like a coffee or a dessert?]

If yes, you can answer with one of the above mentioned phrases or in the following way:

  • Sì, vorrei un tiramisù, grazie. [Yes, I would like a Tiramisù, please]
  • Sì, vorremmo due tiramisù, grazie. [Yes, 2 Tiramisù please]

Otherwise, If you don’t want anything else, you can simply answer:

  • No, grazie, siamo a posto così. [No, thank you, we’re okay]
  • No, grazie, va bene così. [No, thanks, that’s okay]

At this point you can ask for the bill:

  • Potrei avere il conto, per favore? [Could I have the bill, please?]
  • Mi può portare il conto, per favore? [Could you bring me the bill, please?]
  • Il conto, per favore. [The bill, please.]

Once you have paid the bill, you can simply greet the restaurant owner:

Arrivederci e grazie! [Good bye and thank you]

How to learn Italian

We have seen some simple phrases to order at a restaurant in Italy, but the Italian language is obviously very rich and there are many different opportunities to speak it. Do you know that a way to learn Italian is to make a language stay on the spot? Thanks to our ABC Elba school, you can take a study holiday in Italy, on the Island of Elba. Our Tuscan island, among other things, is full of restaurants where you can try the phrases you just learned! Our Italian courses are on different levels, from basic to advanced, and we also offer specific lessons for different professions and needs.

With us you will not only learn how to order at a restaurant, but will study the different aspects of Italian language and culture. What do you think? Would you like to come to the Island of Elba to learn Italian? We are waiting to welcome you!