There are people who like to spend their holidays on sun loungers by the sea, who prefer to walk in the mountains  or who like to go for a  walk in historical art cities. In Italy you can do all this and much more. Why, then, not to do a language stay in beautiful Italy? A study holiday to learn Italian is an unmissable opportunity that allows not only to study a foreign language for work or personal reasons, but also to immerse yourself and get to know the Italian culture in depth. Let’s see together some reasons to choose a similar travel experience.

Learn Italian in Italy

Italian is a beautiful language: it is musical, it is the language of the opera, it is rich in history and derives from the Latin. Besides all this, Italian could be a language you deal with for work or study reasons. Like German and English, the Italian language has its own rules, its pronunciations and its different use. At school you can study it, but only in Italy you can put it into practice. For this reason, studying and learning Italian in Italy is the best choice. You can have a conversation not only with your teachers and your study colleagues, but also with the local Italians, who will be pleasantly impressed by the fact that you talk to them in their language. You can order at the restaurant with greater security and recognize the dishes on the menu; you can chat with the inhabitants of the place where you stay, maybe while you enjoy an excellent Italian ice cream in the town square or on the sea- or lake promenade. In short, while you study the Italian language you can put it into practice on multiple occasions.

An unusual holiday

Holidays can be spent in different ways. For some it is important to switch off and “pull the plug”, for others, however, the holidays are an opportunity to reactivate not only physically but also mentally. Taking a study holiday as an adult is a way to enjoy the beauty of Italy, while learning something useful. In our language school on the Island of Elba, the Italian courses take place outside in the garden and are always enriched with cultural and tourist activities. In this way we offer our students a real Italian holiday with different language courses at different levels. Part of the day is dedicated to the study of the language, the rest of the time is free or dedicated to sightseeing, trips or other experiences.

To get to know a new culture

And here we come to another point in favor of a language stay abroad: studying Italian in Italy gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself completely in Italian culture, made of history and art, but also of nature and culinary specialties. Our Italian language school is located on the Island of Elba, in Tuscany, and here history and nature are certainly not lacking. Our students, between one lesson and another, discover the traditions of the island, make nature excursions and learn to cook typical Italian and Elban dishes. We take them to visit the places of Napoleon, who spent time here on Elba and go for hiking on the slopes of the island. Therefore, those who choose to do a language stay with AbcElba will learn the Italian language and will be able to get to know the culture of the island and of Italy. There are many reasons to take a study holiday or spend a training period in Italy. Now you just have to book your language stay here on the island of Elba: our school also offers comfortable accommodation in the residence of the historic villa Teresa, seat of the language school.