Diving on the Island of Elba

discover the sea bottom of the island of elba

On the Island of Elba we have the aquarium of Marina di Campo which shows us what we can see on the seabed of our sea, but there are those who prefer sea creatures to see them live, without filters. The numerous diving activities on the Island of Elba with highly qualified personnel allow us to discover in complete safety what lies beneath that wonderful sea full of mysteries that are just waiting to be revealed. In the depths of the Island of Elba, real delights are hidden for those who love this sport: caves, shoals, landslides and wrecks that host a multitude of colorful life forms. On our planet 70% of the surface is occupied by the sea whose inhabitants, elegant and fascinating, give us chills down our back whenever we have the pleasure of observing them in their natural habitat. If you like the sea and spend hours in front of the National Geographic channel, diving is an experience you absolutely must try: you will never be disappointed by a dive in the waters of the Island of Elba.


Island of Elba: the diving we recommend

Among the most popular diving schools on the Island of Elba is the “Porto Azzurro Diving Center“, (only 700 meters from Villa Teresa and in agreement with our school) which ranges from the exciting baptism – the introduction to diving for beginners – to advanced courses, nitrox, deep and divemaster. Other activities it offers include snorkelling, day trips (including breathtaking trips to the island of Pianosa) and notions of marine biology: a truly complete diving center that is able to satisfy all your needs. For more information on the agreement reserved for our students, just contact us by email at info@abcelba.com or by phone at +39 333 8346561.

The most beautiful and evocative dives on the Island of Elba

The peculiarity of the Island of Elba is that even in the event of strong winds and rough seas, there is always a sheltered place to explore. The diving spots that our island offers are really many and most of them can be reached by boat. We would like to clarify that the whole coast of Elba has really beautiful and interesting backdrops, but some are particularly unmissable and we suggest 5 of them:


The biological protection area of the Scoglietto in Portoferraio

Since 1971 the stretch of sea between Capo Bianco and Punta Falcone has been a protected marine area where fishing is strictly prohibited. This has made it one of the richest dive sites in our sea: it will be like being inside a large aquarium where fish, accustomed to the presence of divers, let curious people approach. The sea is extremely clear in that area and thanks to the excellent visibility, it will be a pleasure to take photos and videos.


Wreck of the Elviscot in Pomonte

Being so close to the shore and therefore at a low depth, this wreck can be easily visited even by beginners. Divers can safely enter and take a peek at the engine room (where the engine is still visible) and the corridor leading to the helm station. Countless are the fish that have found shelter in its ravines and the sponges and microorganisms that have appropriated the body of the ship make exploration even more joyful and interesting.


The rock of Remaiolo in Capoliveri

Halfway between Porto Azzurro and Golfo Stella, this dive is one of the most renowned on the Island of Elba. Nature is the absolute mistress, in the west part you will observe the wall, colored by red sea fans and caves full of life, which descending becomes more and more vertical, while in the south part you will be fascinated by the coralligenous plateau and the ciliata which falls vertically up beyond the 40 meters. Here you can see snappers, barracudas, lobsters, mustelles and yellow sponges: you will not easily forget the fish and the colors of this dive.


The plane wreck in Punta Nera

Although it is easy and fast, it remains a very stimulating excursion as are all those concerning a wreck. Halfway between the islet of Liscoli and Capo Calvo, this 8-seater tourist plane lies on a bed of green posidonia, surrounded in turn by gold-colored sand. Just 12 meters of immersion that contain many surprises: even this exploration will enchant you.


The shoal of Fonza

The most experienced and demanding divers consider this dive one of the richest and most beautiful on the island of Elba. The most particular part to explore is the one that concerns the eastern side of the shoal where the wall slides towards blue for over 40 meters. The sprigs of red coral and the yellow sea daisies are a marvel to be admired, but also the hunting trips of snapper and barracuda give a show.


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