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Italian Language Courses for absolute beginners on Elba

Italian for beginners: let us start with this adventure

 From experience, we know that those who have never learned a foreign language and are so-called “absolute beginners” have a certain respect for it, and are convinced that they can never begin an Italian course without some previous knowledge.

This conviction is, however, totally wrong and the “absolute beginners” are always welcome in our school!

Every year a lot of people take part in our courses, arriving without being able to say even a single word in Italian. Here, you get the first information in your own language or in English and rely on our experienced teachers.

What a satisfaction, both for the beginners and for us, when at the end of the course the participants are able to conduct a conversation in Italian, a simple conversation, after only two weeks of group lessons!

The motto is: “Fight your fears and let a new adventure begin!”


Our method is based on the use of the Italian language from the very beginning, and Italian becomes the only means of communication in the class: our long-term experience shows us that this direct method delivers the success of the course. Our teaching staff are all native Italian speakers and have great experience in teaching the Italian language to foreign students. They are able to meet the requirements of each student.

The lessons take place outdoors, in the shade of eucalyptus trees and centuries-old oaks in the beautiful park of Villa Teresa seat of the language school. This relaxed and pleasant course atmosphere guarantees success and fast learning.


Our Courses

Even our absolute beginners, like all other students, have a wide range of possible courses.

If you are interested in starting to study the Italian language, but also want  to enjoy your holiday, a GROUP COURSE with 20 lessons per week is definitely suitable.


Are you afraid you will not understand everything in the classroom? Do not worry!  Our combined courses are designed for you!
What is a “COMBINED COURSE”? A course with group lessons in the morning and 1 or 2 additional private lessons every day.


However, if you are an “absolute beginner” and want to learn as much as possible in a short time for professional or other reasons, then our INDIVIDUAL INTENSIVE COURSE are the right solution.


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 Starting dates:

Every monday from 18.05.20 until 02.10.20



Accomodation in Elba

Accomodation is a very important part
of your study vacation in Elba.


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