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a completely personalized course

One-to-one tuition enables an absolutely concentrated and intensive language learning in the shortest possible time. The close cooperation between teacher and student creates a very good and friendly atmosphere that favors successful learning.

The teacher can completely adapt himself to you, your special wishes and interests; Your particular difficulties can be dealt with in a targeted manner and language deficits can be remedied quickly, which enables you to significantly improve your language skills in a short time.

Individual course: Italian for Management – Business Correspondence – Law – Travel and Tourism – Hotels and Restaurants – Students – All with little time.

Course Offerings


10/15/20/30/40 HOURS (60 MinuteS) pER WEEK

The individual course is entirely customized: this is ideal if you are not free everyday, if you want to improve particular aspects of the language for work and study related reasons.

For those who are looking for a course designed specifically according to each individual’s own professional or personal needs, held on a timetable chosen by the student.

Individual lessons are incredibly useful for those who find it difficult to speak, because you can interact with the teacher for the entire duration of the class.

To have a teacher that is entirely dedicated to your aims and completely understands your needs as well as you as a person, whilst offering support at each stage of your learning, is a unique opportunity to improve your abilities.

Individual lessons can also be easily combined with the many group activities organized by the school, which are offered in addition to the study opportunities. As such, it is easy to socialize and to have fun with the other students. 

Weekly Individual Course Costs

10 Hours2 hours a day€ 380
15 Hours3 hours a day€ 570
20 Hours4 hours a day€ 760
30 Hours6 hours a day€ 1.100
40 Hours8 hours a day

€ 1.400

Registration Fee: 50€. – It includes administrative fees, the expense of textbooks used in the courses, housing assistance, certificate at the end of the course.


Individual Course for a specific profession

Even those who have a good level of Italian can greatly benefit from a tailored course, because you can use the opportunity to learn vocabulary for a specific profession or sector, for example, business, banks, import-export, law, marketing, medicine etc. or to learn in depth about your own personal interests, dealing with topics such as cinema, literature or Italian history.


If you are two students who travel together and have the same level of proficiency, you can reserve a package of lessons with the formula a teacher/two students. In this way you will benefit of a personalized program at an affordable price (30% discount each person).


Services included in each course


Italian language classes

You can choose from our wide range of courses, which, upon request, can be varied with our advice and experience and adapted to everyone’s needs.


Didactic material

Every student receives the teaching material that the teachers think is most suitable: Therefore, the school documents are supplemented by additional material depending on the needs of the class or the individual student.

Wi-Fi Access

The entire structure, including the park and pool area, is covered by a WiFi connection that students have free access to.

2 Activities per week in the weekly program

Every Monday, the school plans weekly afternoon activities that students can participate in, even with their friends or relatives who are not enrolled in the courses.

Certificate at the end of the course

At the end of the course, each student receives a certificate of participation in the courses with the level achieved.

Accommodation service

Based on everyone’s needs and preferences, we can give you advice and book the accommodation you want.

Villa Teresa Card: special prices in shops and restaurants

Those who choose to stay at Villa Teresa can take advantage of discounts in restaurants, bars, excursions, rentals, etc.

What they say about us…

Im Juni 2016 habe ich meinen 5. Kurs in Italien und bereits meinen 2. in Porto Azzurro absolviert. Ich hatte zwei Stunden Einzelunterricht und es tut mir leid, dass ich nicht mehr Stunden gebucht habe. Diese 2 Stunden sind einfach verflogen, kein Blick zwischendurch auf meine Uhr. Zu verdanken habe ich das Cristina, meiner Lehrerin.
Cristina ist sehr nett, äusserst kompetent, kann sehr gut erklären und geht auf die Wünsche der Schüler ein. Man merkt ganz einfach, dass sie ihren Beruf liebt.
Ich empfehle auch, in der Anlage der Villa Teresa zu wohnen. Man muss nur ein Paar Schritte gehen und erhält in einem wunderschönen Garten Unterricht; es gibt nichts schöneres wie unter freien Himmel zu lernen.
Danke, liebe Cristina, ich komme sicher wieder!

- Brigitte, aus Wien, Österreich


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