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Italian Language Courses: Group Courses

The summer courses were conceived with the idea of connecting a beautiful holiday with a study vacation.  The enchanting atmosphere of the island and its relaxing summer weather make study a pleasure.

You can choose from among the following group courses:



This course is recommended for those students who want to study Italian through a complete program that still leaves plenty of time to enjoy the holidays and discover the beaches, the landscape and historic marvels of the territory!

Hours per day:              4 lessons of 50 minutes daily.
Students per class:     max 8 students.
Activities:                       2 activities / week 

1 Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 4 Weeks
€220 €380 €550 €700




This very intensive course is especially designed for students who want to improve and to deepen their knowledge as much as possible in a very short time, leaving some time to enjoy their holiday! This course has 2 more lessons than the other group course to review grammar  and practice conversation.

Hours per day:             4 lessons in the morning and 2 lessons in the afternoon
Students per class:     max 8 students.
Activities:                       2 activities / week 

1 Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 4 Weeks
€350 €700 €1.000 €1.300



The advantage of this course is the low number of partecipants, which promotes intensive study and the individual progress of every single student and allows interaction between students in situations such as role-playing and discussions.

Hours per day:             4 lessons of 50 minutes daily
Students per class:     3 to max 5 students.
Activities:                       2 activities / week 

1 Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 4 Weeks
€300 €600 €900 €1150


If there is only one person for a certain level and beginning date, the student will receive:
– Group Course: 6 individual lessons instead of 20 lessons.
– Intensive Group Course: 12 individual lessons instead of 30 lessons.
– Mini Group 5: 10 individual lessons instead of 20 lessons.



Group Course features:

  • Duration

    Two/three/four and more weeks.
  • Time

    Monday through Friday.
  • Levels

    The courses are divided into six levels. In order to place the students properly, there is an oral and written test on the first day.
  • Didactic Material

    The didactic material is carefully selected on the basis of the most  up-to-date criteria and is included in the price of all our courses.
  • Classes

    The classes are kept small. To achieve the best results from our oral communication method it is important to have a maximum of 8 students per class. This permits careful, precise teaching and promotes steady learning.
  • Registration Fee

    Registration Fee: 50€. – It includes administrative fees, the expense of textbooks used in the courses, housing assistance, certificate at the end of the course.

Services included:

– Italian Language lessons
– Didactic material
– 2 activities/week in the Week Program
– Certificate at the end of the course
– Access to Wi-Fi
– Access to the swimming pool
– Housing assistance
– Villa Teresa Card: discounts in shops, restaurants, farms and rentals



During the course, the main communication skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing
are equally explored and gradually developed at all levels.
The teaching materials are carefully selected for our conversational method and
are included in the price of the course. Our first aim is oral communication in the use of grammar
whose rules can only be mastered by continuous practice.

Every week the teachers adjust and enrich the programme of your group in order to satisfy
your interests and requirements.

In order to increase and improve your Italian knowledge we use:

  • listening activities to improve your oral skills
  • oral and written productions reading
  • activities to improve your comprehension of written texts
  • activities in pairs or in groups
  • grammar workshops
  • vocabulary exercises
  • Extra-curricular activities: Learning a language is much more than being familiar with its grammar rules! Our activities will help you to improve your conversation skills in a natural environment. Guided tours, Language lab, cooking lessons and much more allow you to meet other students and improve your Italian in a friendly way.




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