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study italian when and where you want!

The best way to learn Italian is definitively to stay for a period of time in Italy, but our online Italian lessons are a very valid alternative.
There are many students who every year attend our online courses via Skype to study the Italian language from their own place and with a flexible course schedule.

Benefits of online lessons:


Possibility to carry out the lesson from anywhere, without having to move to reach distant and often too numerous classes for an effective practice of the Italian language.


Maximum time flexibility (to be agreed also based on the possible time difference).


Like an individual lesson at school here on the Island of Elba, the online one-to-one lessons take place in a relaxed atmosphere, where the performance of grammar and conversation topics are customized to the needs and requirements of each individual student.

Online-Lessons are for you, if…

The ABC ELBA school offers Italian lessons via Skype aimed at

  • those who do not have the opportunity to attend Italian language courses for real and want to start studying with our experienced mother tongue teachers.
  • those who have to take an university exam or obtain an official certification or who need to deepen the study of the Italian language in specific fields and subjects.
  • those who wish to start learning before their stay at the ABC ELBA school and arrive in Italy with a good preparation base
  • former students of the ABC ELBA school who, returning to their country, wish to continue studying Italian and remain in practice with their teachers on the Island of Elba.

How it works


Fill out the form to set the online trial lesson. During this trial, Skype and all its functions like webcam and chat are tested. Also, during the trial you will be sent a placement test to understand your level.


Decide the day and time to set the first lesson.


The time and number of lessons can be customized according to the student's needs.


The schedule of lessons is established by mutual agreement with the teacher.


Sufficiently fast internet connection preferably with broadband and ethernet cable

Desktop, Laptop or iPad

Headset and microphone and preferably webcam to be able to see and interact with the teacher

Free Skype-Account

How to install Skype…

Go to skype.com and download the free program, sign up and create your account for free, now you’re ready to start an audio and video conversation.

This program allows the exchange of written messages during the conversation that remain at your disposal and also the possibility of sharing the teacher’s PC screen.

So with Skype we have the possibility of

  • sharing the teacher’s PC screen as a blackboard

  • live streaming with the webcam to interact face-to-face with your teacher at a distance
  • integrated chat that allows the exchange of written messages during the conversation
  • easy loading of documents with the possibility of sending educational material to share text, audio and video files.


    Lessons and Conditions


    Lessons available for all levels (A1 – C1)


    No enrollment fee


    Both for the duration and for the frequency of lessons we offer maximum flexibility


    5/10/20/30 Lessons of 60 minutes


    Didactic Material included


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    In order to meet the different needs and desires, we will be happy to send you individual offers for the courses and accommodation you want.