Trekking on the Island of Elba

discover the island by walking

Why does the Island of Elba fascinate so much? Rightly, you will immediately think of the blue expanse of its sea and the crystal clear waters, but its real peculiarity is that of changing scenery curve after curve. It starts from the sea and reaches the mountain, passing by the mines that have supported the island for years up to the typical mountain villages so fascinating and unique in their kind. The Island of Elba is also rich in historical evidence: Etruscan ovens, Roman villas, Pisan towers, the Medici and Spanish fortresses, all surrounded by extraordinary natural beauty. This place has infinite horizons and the best way to explore them is by walking.

Trekking in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Mediterranean is an opportunity for personal deepening and enrichment, at the end of your trip to the Island of Elba you will feel more complete.


The great Elba crossing

The GTE (Great Elban Crossing) is the most important itinerary of the hiking trails on the Island of Elba. Its countless paths, which wind land and sea, wherever you turn, have breathtaking views. During the hike you are literally invaded by the scents of flowers and mint, many expert hikers have no doubts: the GTE is one of the best “sea view” trekking in Italy.
72 kilometers of pure beauty and you should experience every single one, but for those who cannot, we take the initiative to recommend a few: Cavo-Porto Azzurro, Porto Azzurro-Colle di Procchio, Colle di Procchio-Poggio, Poggio-Patresi (or Pomonte). You may have guessed that these are not really paths for beginner hikers but, choosing the right ones and doing them calmly, they are also feasible for those who have recently decided to undertake this sport.

If you want to study the Italian language and get to know the many routes of the Great Elban Crossing, our school is the best choice you can make: we are in contact with expert hikers who can accompany you on the most splendid routes on the Island of Elba.

The routes we recommend

elba: a paradise for those who love to walk

As we have already seen, the Great Elban Crossing is a demanding trek but the Island of Elba is fortunate to also have paths that are really within everyone’s reach. Elba is truly a paradise for those who love walking and often choosing which way to take among the many advertised is not easy. To help you in the decision, we have selected 5:


The Parade – Volterraio

Four km at high altitude where there will be hawks and other birds of prey to keep you company. We are on the crest of the eastern ridge of the Island of Elba and wherever our gaze rests, the eyes will always see the blue of the sea. Our destination, „Volterraio“ is the most important fortress on the island. Reaching its recently restored walls means preparing to admire one of the most fabulous views that this island offers us. If, however, you are more fascinated by the plants and flowers than by the architectural structures of the past, you can always deviate and take to the Hermitage of Santa Caterina which houses a very interesting botanical garden.


The Carmignani walk in Porto Azzurro

Made early in the morning, this walk (which can also start from our school) has the ability to regenerate you. The path, also suitable for beginners, is equipped with benches overlooking the sea where you can stop to catch your breath or have a snack. It almost becomes an excuse to savor those moments of silence in the company of the sea. If you start from the center of Porto Azzurro, the aim is to get to the beach Barbarossa , and if you want, taking into account that the walk becomes a little more demanding, you can continue up to the beach Reale and the suggestive Laghetto di Terra Nera.


Trekking on the Monte della Croce – Porto Azzurro

The path starts from Nonno Pino (the secular pine tree of Porto Azzurro). Although suitable for all hikers, it takes at least an hour and a half to get there. This path is also very pleasant because it passes near the ancient church of Monserrato, one of the most appreciated symbols of Porto Azzurro. Once past the church and the pine grove, you will see the mountain on which the famous iron cross stands. Needless to say how much beauty is hidden from up there, and the best way to enjoy it all the way is to take a packed lunch with you and wait for the sun to change its angle, every hour that passes the landscape changes and makes it even more beautiful and evocative.


The Oasis of Orchids – Capoliveri

Along the promontory of Mount Calamita you can still see orchids that grow spontaneously. In the south-eastern side of the Island of Elba.It is possible to observe the “Ophrys xcapoliverii” (a new hybrid of spontaneous orchid, completely unknown before its discovery in 2011 ). In addition you can enjoy the view from the Stella Gulf and also you can admire the remains of the important mines of Capoliveri. The paths that graft along the 20 km of Mount Calamita are really many and all offer unforgettable emotions. You just have to choose one at random, take your backpack and start the walk.


San Piero – Mill of Mancione

This path is part of the many “granite roads” of the Island of Elba. The road begins in the enchanting village of San Piero, which is really worth a visit, and ends in one of the most beautiful beaches that Elba gives us: Fetovaia.

The numerous terraces (created for the cultivation of vineyards), the Mancione mill, the largest that the island has ever had, and the small wood of black alder will catch your attention. There are also historical attractions (there are two interesting prehistoric burials) and the gorse, the strawberry tree and the sea rock rose help to make this trek even more beautiful.


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